svētdiena, jūlijs 31, 2005

Publicity Stunts

Alex Ludd says -- He gone dun' it again. I try to gain some publicity by making a blog, and Ted goes and makes airplanes with his name on them. WHY DOES HE INSIST ON OUTDOING/ONE-UPPING ME??????? It seems like every time I do something, he does it one better. It's not really fair, either, because my blog posts, no matter how well written, can't possibly compete with his honey roasted peanuts, since his are edible. Actually, you CAN print out my posts and eat the paper, but that still doesn't taste as good. Fortunately, he'll never be able to compete with my hotness. In fact, this chart should explain everything.

piektdiena, jūlijs 22, 2005

Lookie here!

Alex Ludd says -- I've got me a BRAND NEW BAXXETBALL!!! Check it, I know you'll enjoy, mate.

pirmdiena, jūlijs 18, 2005

Take a look, peeps!

Alex Ludd says --
Aw, shucks, I'm blushing.

piektdiena, jūlijs 15, 2005

This Sounds Like a Job for...

trešdiena, jūlijs 13, 2005

Dumbing it Down

Alex Ludd says -- I thought this article was funny. Remember, the link is in the title.

Ask again later.

Alex Ludd says -- Michal Jackson's balls are still black. Why isn't he?

pirmdiena, jūlijs 11, 2005


Alex Ludd says -- Has anybody here ever heard of E-Bay? It's an online store where you can buy any movie you want. They have DVDs, VHSs, Betamaces, movie memorabilia, movie promotional posters, movie-character action figures, movie novelizations, novels that movies were inspired by, movie players, video games based on movies, movie soundtracks, etc. The best part is, they never run out of stock! You can find ANYTHING YOU WANT and buy AS MANY AS YOU WANT.

otrdiena, jūlijs 05, 2005

Four Out of Five Optometrists Agree

Alex Ludd says --

The optometrist was very concerned as he approached John. "Mr. Thomas, you are going to have to stop masturbating."

John looked puzzled, then shocked. "You mean it really does cause blindness?"

"It isn't that," said Dr. Fixeye. "It's the other patients... they've been complaining."

sestdiena, jūlijs 02, 2005

Power to tha people!

Alex Ludd says -- The people need a strong leader. One who's willing to show his strength to the world. One who's not afraid to admit how great he is. Like me. Look how strong, great, and hot I am. Vote for me.