pirmdiena, marts 06, 2006

More Notes to Recent Visitors

1. While I'm no doctor, I don't think it causes blindness. If you're worried about your eyesight (or your tennis elbow, for that matter) I suggest you see a professional about it, not a blog.

2. Although I am hot, I am not a girl. I am not even underage. As a legal disclaimer, let me make perfectly clear that I do not encourage underage pornography.

3. I have never even met your daughter, and am not interested in her that way.

4. Regarding #3 above, let me assure you that I know some very hot women who are not jailbait. My blogroll gives evidence.

5. I do not have the Charles in Charge season DVDs for sale, but I commend you on your taste in viewing.

6. I am not in jail, nor am I romantically involved with anyone in jail. I think I resent your stereotypes about politicians.

7. I seriously doubt your daughter "needs" it.

8. For those who came looking for "hottie," you've come to the right place. When you're finished here, may I also reccomend Cindy's blog?

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