pirmdiena, maijs 30, 2005

This Great Movie

Ive just seen this great movie. Its the one where the... nevermind. I wont spoil it for you. anyhow, i'ts the one in the link. I'm giving it a rating of 100 stars.

sestdiena, maijs 28, 2005

If he's so smart, why are his brains falling out?

This guy says
"Alex is so dumb, that I'm completely amazed that he's able to wear a shirt without choking himself."

Alex Ludd says -- Well, same to you and more of it. I'm rubber and you're glue. So there!

ceturtdiena, maijs 26, 2005

a request

Will somebody please add me to stumbleupon?

trešdiena, maijs 25, 2005

Tennis players have fuzzy balls.


Well, as it turns out, PhotoShopPro screwed up my logo, so its' showing up as a broken image. So instead, youl'l just have to wait intil I get a new copy of PhotoShopPro that doesn't do that.

xoxoxo Alex Ludd oxoxox

Capaign Logo

Here is a logo I made for my campgian. I hope you all like it and vote for me. It is a sexy picture of a sexy me.

All the Women Want Me

Actually, the men too. for the most part. I mean, I'm hot. What's better than that? I mean, not just average hot, or even pretty hot. I mean so incredibly hot that I have a set of planets rotating 'round me. You can look but don't touch - play with fire and you get burned, baby!

Write me a letter. Tell me how much you love me. I promise I'll write back. Just make sure you include a picture. The better you look the less I'll insult you.

I have a campaign slogan now.

"I might screw up, but I'll look pretty damn sexy when I do."

piektdiena, maijs 20, 2005

You should vote for me for president.

Mainly, what you need to know about me is that I'm hot. I know, it's traditionally a women's issue, but men can care about it, too. Men, burn your bras! Admit that you'd rather vote for a hot man than a wimpy one. It won't make you less of a man.

I love you, man. Really, I do. And if I win, I will prove it.

Hugs and kisses,