sestdiena, augusts 27, 2005

Important News Update

Alex Ludd says -- My ball has antennae. See related link for more details.

otrdiena, augusts 23, 2005

Ms. Jones gotta yellow bird

Alex Ludd says --

I wonder if skindee over at Adventures in Blah Blah Land would go out with me.

A big fire in Portugal

Alex Ludd says -- There's a big fire in Portugal. A lot of contries helped to fight it. Let's all take a moment to honor the souls who died fighting this fire.

Okay. Now that that's dealt with, I'm going to go play Yahtzee!

pirmdiena, augusts 08, 2005

Wedding Sign

Alex Ludd says -- Check out my wedding sign.
I don't want to get married here.

Also, road signs.

Check the related link for more.