pirmdiena, jūnijs 27, 2005

I've been reading LiveJournal

Alex Ludd says --
I've been reading some LiveJournal diaries, and they seem to be very popular, so I decided to try that style.

Dear Diary,

Mood today: Angsty.
Music on the stereo: Barry Manilow

You know who (L) is sooo cute. He was talking to S and S said that L and T had a conversation about me. I'm dying to find out what they said, but I am playing it cool.

The dance was so without. Not a single cool person was there. Mom is raggin on my weight and Dad keeps trying to talk about why I should go to his college. NOT.

I think tomorrow I will call L and hang up when someone answers.

OMG I can't believe L was talking about me!

Alex the Baboon


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